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About ITC

A Letter from Mark McLaren, President of ITC

Integrated Technology Corporation (ITC) is based in Tempe Arizona and has been providing technology solutions to the semiconductor industry since 1975 and has always been driven by the needs of our customers. We are extremely proud of our successful record of listening to our customers and implementing their needs into our equipment.

ITC maintains a policy of using an evolutionary design philosophy so we can offer our existing customers an upgrade path rather than our older equipment becoming obsolete. As a result, we are still able to offer upgrade solutions for equipment that was shipped over 20 years ago.

At ITC, we understand that providing ongoing support to our existing customers is just as important as securing new customers. I firmly believe that our ability to work together with our new and existing customers in developing new features, new probe card analyzer motherboards, or new test capabilities is the key factor in ITC’s success over so many years.

Within our range of probe card metrology systems and Power Semiconductor Test Equipment, we have a solution that meets the requirements of the different technologies and interfaces currently in use and we can match the solution to specific customer needs.


Mark McLaren
President, Integrated Technology Corporatio


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